Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pumping at work

I happened upon interesting view into trying to work and be a breastfeeding mom at the same time.

A requirement for managing this is either having your own office or working for one of the few companies that provides dedicated space. We can't expect to have attitudes like this in the workplace and increase breastfeeding rates in any significant way.

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  1. It is sad how many employers do just wish we were robots there and didn't have to think about their employees being people outside their job, with families and real life. I worked for a non-profit agency, all about helping families, claiming family-friendly policies (great flex time, benefits, etc.). The first time I pumped with Kian I had my own office and that was fine. The second time with Karter, our program had grown and there were 2 to an office. I had to plan my visits with clients around pumping, aouond my officemates schedule of being there, around when the conference room was open, or borrow a co-worker's office. It was a major pain. If I hadn't been so committed to it, I would have stopped too. Then there's the "oh she's out pumping...again" attitudes from co-workers and supervisors. I'm sorry, don't all those smokers get to take 10-15 min smoke breaks like 3 times a day? And NO ONE says a word to them! Pumping isn't depleting my braincells so that I can't work and perform for's making me feel like a better mom and less stressed about leaving my kid when I am here for you!