Thursday, July 1, 2010

Foraging for babyfood

The wild blueberries in our backyard have ripened early this year, and Sam can't get enough of them.  We're not sure if he even bothers to gum them up before swallowing, with the speed at which he shovels them in.  The wild strawberries last month were even better--they are softer and taste like candy--though there weren't as many to enjoy.  He also loved the raspberries we had at Gran and Papa's house in western New York last weekend, picked from their woods.  I'm trying to think of a way he could enjoy some of their wild black cherries that doesn't involve me pitting them by hand.  Maybe a mortar and pestle?  (He also "foraged" some Mountain Laurel recently, which, according to the very helpful poison control operator, is toxic, but only in large quantities.)

Since babies get most of their nutrition from milk or formula during the first year, feeding solid food before one year of age seems to be mainly for training purposes.  If that's the case, I want to make a variety of textures and flavors available (not just mushy food) so he can practice and learn.  It's also important that we eat the freshest and most wholesome food we can manage, for the best nutrition and flavor.  Foraging for berries has been one fun way to eat good things, appreciate our country surroundings, and (eventually) learn where food comes from.

It's my dream that good food will become just a normal, enjoyable part of life for him, as it is for me.

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  1. why don't blogs have "like" buttons? =) You're so on target with the food philosophy! Frustrates me when I get blank stares from doctors when I respond to their questions of "what does he eat?" with "what we eat". Adventurous little boy tasting the risky stuff =) Glad we got to see him, sorry it wasn't longer for them to actually play a bit!