Monday, May 24, 2010

Road Trip while Exclusively Pumping

Nursing instead of pumping sure would have made my packing list for the trip we're about to take a lot shorter.  The downside of pumping has always been a lot of part hauling and washing, but on the road will be even more of a pain.  Not to mention all the milk handling questions. (Will it stay fresh in a cooler? Is using someone else's fridge for breast milk kosher?)  I had to make a spreadsheet to track all of the stuff!  Here's just  the "baby" portion of the list.  Am I going overboard?

booster seat
blankie & stuffed elephant
detergent for washing diapers
big ziploc for dirties
trash bags for dirties
fuzzibunz diapers
disposable diapers
diaper liners
onesies, pants, jammies, socks, sweatshirts
blankets (fleece & swaddle)
baby wash
baby outfit to wear to the wedding
travel crib
sheets for travel crib (2x)
baby bjorn
backpack carrier
baby tylenol
nail clipper
Parts,bottles & ziplocs
milk storage bags
wee cooler for breast milk
bottle brush
dish detergent
kitchen towels for part washing
plastic bins for part washing
bottles, nipples, & plastic inserts
ice packs and cooler
fresh fruit
fruit cups/applesauce
water bottles & cups
utensils incl sharp knife for fruit
paper towels


  1. whoa! When traveling with Kian I never thought about bringing nail clippers or sheets for the pack-n-play, or a monitor lol. and even tho we have kids/baby wash I would just use ours while out and about (one bottle for everyone or one bar, and keep it all in the "bathroom bag") where are you staying? a hotel or someone's house? You're being really generous if you're staying at someone's house and still bringing your own dish soap! =) Sam still lets you swaddle him? my poor kids never have enough hair at this point for brushing! will you use all three carriers you plan on bringing? it's true that babies require a ton of "equipment" when going somewhere. camping with Kian at 2.5 mos and 12 mos was interesting and we way overpacked of course, but fun. Good luck! Don't forget the car/battery adapter to your pump =)

  2. We ended up ditching one of the carriers, and I did not end up needing some of the other items. We were staying at several different family members' homes and did not want to ask them for any stuff.

    (If it's chilly at night I do a lower-body "swaddle" which contains his feet for about 5 minutes, but at least it's an extra layer around his middle for warmth.)

    It was a great trip, but lots of planning required! The next one will be a "staycation."