Friday, June 4, 2010

Yours Truly

Some of my readers know me only as Babyfood, so maybe you'll indulge me to share a bit about myself.

My name is Lynne and I'm 33.  I live and work in rural Massachusetts, near the Quabbin reservoir.  My husband Max is a full-time dad to our eight month old son, Sam, and part-time freelance recording engineer.  But what happened before this picture might surprise you.

I was a kid of divorced parents and grew up commuting between Richmond, Virginia and rural western New York.  I struck out for New York City when I was 20 to pursue a career in the music biz; I worked in music studios and played bass in a string of rock bands.   I met Max in 2000, where we were both working in the same studio.  In September, 2001, from the rooftop of our downtown Manhattan apartment, we watched the twin towers burn and fall, and my life turned a corner.  I envisioned a person who could break the mold she created for herself.  I accepted Max's spontaneous marriage proposal on a trek in Costa Rica and started dreaming big. We got married on his parent's farm in Massachusetts and daydreamed about living here one day.  I was 26, and incredibly lucky in so many ways.

I went back to school to earn my MBA at Columbia Business School.  I now had earning power outside the city and I started looking for work near where Max grew up--and found it as head of marketing for a non-profit.  We bought a house, got pregnant, and the rest you know.

Life couldn't be any better, thanks to Max and Sam.  And our families.  And our 2 acres near a small New Englad town, where I grow a ramshackle garden, cook, sew, and raise my baby with a natural, common-sense style. 

Thanks for reading, as always.

Me & my babe Sam, May 2010.


  1. Thanks for posting that! Just a few nights ago, Eric and I were arguing about where and when you and Max met. I was wrong, and I'm not sure he was completely right. Either way, we're glad you found your way into our family and our neighborhood. And we love Sam too, even if he cries every time he sees me . . . :)

  2. thanks for sharing!! it's fun to learn a little about people. :)

    And what an incredible experience watching the towers fall. I can't even heart was breaking just watching it on tv.

  3. Thanks Tabitha! I remember in the first months we were dating, Max being very excited hearing that you were pregnant with A. :)

  4. Good to hear "the rest of the story!" I always suspected you were the Earth Mother type when you and Cheryl were growing up. Glad things have worked out so well for you and for your family. Say "Hi" to Mom and David for me. Sandra