Thursday, August 30, 2012

My breastfeeding support survival guide

I've already chosen a hospital and a doula who have great track records for breastfeeding success.  But I need to have a reference guide in case things don't go smoothly: my breastfeeding support survival guide.  I have some research to do to fill in the blanks, but this will be filled in and in my overnight bag when we leave for the hospital.  Am I missing anything?

In-hospital lactation consultations:
  • List of all hospital LC's and their availability (Cost: covered by insurance)
  • Who can help if they aren't available (are nurses trained to assist?)
  • Outline of routine postpartum care I can expect at my hospital ("magical hour" skin-to-skin contact, minimal intervention, etc.)
  • Training and qualifications of other staff to help, such as nurses
After-hospital lactation consultations:
  • List of 1-3 providers and phone numbers who travel for in-home visits (cost: covered by insurance if affiliated with a hospital--be sure to get prior insurance approval)
  • List of local hospitals and phone numbers that offer lactation appointments (cost: covered)
  • List of 1-3 Skype services (cost: $45-$75/session, not covered by insurance)
  • Postpartum pediatrician's office, phone number and hours of operation, and services (traveling nurses? Same-day appointments?)
  • Local pediatrician's office, phone number and hours of operation
  • List of feeding cues and signs of a well-fed baby
  • List of favorite information sites (
  • List of recommended YouTube videos on latching
  • List of books and DVD's on hand  
  • Printouts of medical protocols for most common breastfeeding problems (
Support groups:
  • List of 1-3 local breastfeeding support groups, their phone numbers, and schedules
  • List of online forums
Other lifelines:
  • Doula phone number
  • List of friends and family who are breastfeeding supporters