Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The most "whole" babyfood

Sam has been actively experimenting with food this summer.  I try to give him the most whole version of the food (without posing a choking hazard, of course) so eventually he will have an idea of how food grows: he has plucked blueberries from bushes straight into his mouth, slurped on garden tomatoes, gnawed on pork ribs, and popped corn kernels off the cob. 

Sweet corn is a huge hit!

At 10 months, breast milk is still the biggest part of his diet, but we're sure having fun with the solids now!

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  1. so cute! Corn and ribs are faves of Karter too! perfect shape. He also loves any and all types of beans...let's just say that corn and bean night don't make for fun diapers the next morning! =)