Sunday, May 8, 2011

One ounce of milk; Happy Mothers' Day

A few weeks ago, I reduced to one milk pumping session a day and saw a big decrease in supply--down to less than two ounces total.  I was a little sad, since I'd hoped to continue at once a day for a little while, but it just didn't seem worth it for so little.  But then, of course, I found myself reading about the benefits of even a tiny bit of breast milk per day.

From  "Even 50 ml of breastmilk per day (or less - there is little research on this) will help to keep your baby healthier than if he received none at all."  So, an ounce a day it is, for a little while longer! 

A second topic: today is Mothers' day.  My guys made today very special for me, and I've been thinking about how each of the people who are "moms" in my life have given me something very special--and how lucky I am to have THREE of these.

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